Zerie-C Vita Serum by Meddesci M Claire

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Details of Zerie-C Vita Serum by Meddesci M Claire

Product Features:

The pure Vitamin c serum for flawless facial skin


Zerie-C Vita Serum by Meddesci M Claire is the pure Vitamin C serum that reduces rashes, prickly heat, and acne. It targets directly in improving skin texture and nourishing skin deeply from inside out. The serum is well-absorbed and non-sticky. It can be used in facial skin experiencing Mercury poisoning and allergic to Steroid.

Zerie-C Vita Serum by Meddesci M Claire is the latest innovation for skin nourishment at the cell level. The well-selected ingredients are formulated and developed under the supervision of the standard lab to get a serum gel that can absorb quickly and cause no clogging. It can be used even in sensitive skin. The product is combined with the pure extracts of Vitamin C, Collagen and Gold Powder.


  • Smoothens skin
  • Reduces rashes and acne scars
  • Nourishes skin deeply
  • Brightens skin naturally
  • Can be used even in sensitive skin with FDA certification

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C, Collagen, Gold Powder


Apply the serum thoroughly face in the morning and evening, avoiding the areas of eyes and mouth. Use in a small amount (1 pump can be used all over the face). Spread the serum all around facial skin and wait till dry. Then apply other skincare as needed.

Content: 25 ml.

FDA registration Number: 10-1-5730308

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