Yuri Ginseng White Cream Plus Lycopene

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Details of Yuri Ginseng White Cream Plus Lycopene

Product Features:

The facial and body cream for skin radiance and beauty within 1 bottle!


Yuri Ginseng White Cream Plus Lycopene is the valuable product for skin beauty which is equivalent to taking more than 10 tomatoes. It helps brighten skin and promote healthy skin with benefits of Ginseng and Tomato. It promotes skin beauty within 1 bottle.

Yuri Ginseng White Cream Plus Lycopene is the new innovation for natural pink radiance. With the power of Ginseng, it can reduce wrinkles and brighten skin. Combined with Tomato Extract with high Vitamin C content, the product can beautify and brighten skin. With the innovative Nano Technology formulation which provides nano particles of Vitamin C, E, F, Arbutin, and Glutathion, the product can excellently reduce dull skin, brighten skin, smoothen skin, and reduce wrinkles with Shea Butter.

Why Yuri Ginseng White Cream Plus Lycopene?

  • Ginseng has high efficiency to brighten skin, even out skin and inhibit skin pigment.
  • Tomato contains anti-oxidant which is Lycopene with high Beta-carotene and Phosphorus. It also contains an amino acid called Glutamic which heals acne and skin to be firming.


  • Tomato Extract: provides high amount of Vitamin C to treat acne and brighten skin. It also contains Vitamin A which has the function in promoting healthy skin. It's a natural acid that helps balance skin and removes excess fat on skin. The antioxidant in Tomato also helps fight against free radicals.
  • Ginseng Extract: helps fight against aging, restores skin, promotes new skin cells, and brightens skin.
  • Nano White: contains Vitamin C, E, F, Arbutin, and Glutathione which are anti-oxidants that help inhibit skin pigmentation and reduce the pigmentation of dull skin, resulting in skin brightness with innovative Nano Technology.
  • Alpha Arbutin: is a powerful substance to inhibit the Enzyme not to produce melanin pigment which is the cause of melasmas, freckles, and dark spots. It helps brighten skin and fade away skin blemishes.
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: is a derivative of Vitamin C that helps slow down the pigmentation of cells and helps build collagen in dermis skin for skin smoothness and moisture.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): helps fight against free radicals which are the causes of dark spots. It helps even out skin tone, reduces dark spots, and promotes skin radiance. It also helps increase Collagen and Lipid production in skin. Vitamin B3 cannot be produced in the body but can be obtained from food or skin only.
  • Allantoin: helps reduce irritation from various causes and protects skin to be healthy.
  • Shea Butter: increases moisture to skin. A consistent use will maintain skin hydration. Shea Butter penetrates skin quickly, leaving skin soft and silky with no greasy feeling. It also protects damaged, dry, and cracked skin as well as helps slow down premature aging.


Apply the cream onto facial and body skin after a shower every morning and evening.

Content: 30 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5719963

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