Yanhee Tamarine Soap

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Details of Yanhee Tamarine Soap

Product Features:

The tamarind soap for skin radiance and smoothness


Yanhee Tamarine Soap provides high Vitamin C to nourish skin to be bright and radiant. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells with reduction of melasmas, freckles, and dark spots. It helps smoothen and brighten skin for more skin radiance and healthiness.

Yanhee Tamarine Soap excellently cleanses facial skin for brightness and smoothness.

  • Cleanses the face and body
  • The clear soap is suitable for all skin types with no irritation, even sensitive skin.
  • Causes no damage of skin natural moisture and dryness after usage
  • Nourishes and treats skin to be brighter
  • Removes facial comedone
  • Provides antioxidants and tightens skin for elasticity
  • Reduces skin dullness and scars

Key Ingredients:

  • Tamarind Extract
  • Rose Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B3

Directions: It can be used for cleansing and nourishing skin deeper than other soaps.

Content: 75 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-15202349

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