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The cream mask for clear and radiant skin overnight


Winner Sleeping Mask is the mask in the form of cream distinctive with concentrated vitamins and well-selected ingredients to regenerate facial skin deterioration. It's the excellent assistant for those who seldom apply the cream. Just mask the cream over facial skin before bedtime with no need to wash off, then you'll see skin clearness and brightness after wakeup.

Winner Sleeping Mask promotes your glowing skin overnight by brightening up, smoothening and moisturizing skin deep to the cells. It can excellently reveal radiant skin, treat inflamed acne, kill bacteria acne, and eliminate dead skin cells for a brightening skin with extracts from intensive Alpha Arbutin, Whitening Collagen, Vitamin E, and 7 types of natural extracts to boost up and strengthen skin cells.

Winner Sleeping Mask reveals clear skin by expelling out acne and dark spots and quickly restoring skin at night for perfect skin.

Winner Sleeping Mask promotes equivalent effect of brightening skin to the Meso treatment even in the first time use.


Alpha Arbutin, Whitening Collagen, Vitamin E


Apply the mask on facial skin, leave over night and was off in the morning.

Content: 5 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5981334

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