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Details of Voox DD Cream

The ideal product to nourish skin for a flawless look and protect skin from sun damages with SPF50


Voox DD Cream is developed and formulated in Japan with key ingredient of Cherry Blossom Extract that helps hydrate and soften skin with no clogging. The cream also contains Malic Acid that works in expelling out dirt from skin, while stimulating skin cells renewal and minimizing skin pores.

Voox DD Cream helps protect skin from sun damage with SPF 50. It can totally treat all skin types for a fascinating aura bright skin and skin smoothness. With a perfect combination of BB and CC Cream, the cream can moisturize skin as well as conceal skin blemishes, promoting a smooth and flawless skin.

The light cream is easy to apply with no sticky feeling and provides a fast setting property. The cream gradually adjusts to skin tone for perfect smoothness, suitable for all skin types and complexion. Voox DD Cream is the ideal product most pretty girls love to flourish their skin beauty with distinctive properties in nourishing skin, covering skin flaws, and protecting skin from sunlight.

  1. Voox DD Cream promotes truly aura bright skin with flawless smoothness in all skin tones. It's water and sweat proof with no greasy feeling. The cream is light for even oily skin with no residues, while it helps hydrate dry skin. It's smoothly absorbed to all areas of the body with no stains.
  2. Voox DD Cream is suitable for those to reveal their skin during any events or those who want to nourish and protect their skin at the same time. It's suitable to fulfill skin brightness and smoothness in all skin tones, even with dull skin.

Key Ingredients:

Cherry Blossom Extract, Malic Acid

Directions: Apply the cream onto the body 15 minutes before sun exposure or as needed.

Content: 100 g.

FDA Registration Number: 1015643248

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