VooDoo Premium Milk Cleansing Makeup Removers

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Details of VooDoo Premium Milk Cleansing Makeup Removers

Product Features:

The cleansing foam for clear and youthful facial skin


Voodoo Premium Milk Cleansing Makeup Removers is the cleansing foam for sensitive skin and sun sensitivity. It helps remove impurities and cosmetic residue on the face deeply as well as nourishes facial skin to be radiant, smooth and healthy. With extract of concentrated pure milk protein, it helps restore skin and restrains wrinkles. Combined with a valuable extract selected from the nature, it can moisturize skin, balance out excess oil, reduce irritation, stimulate skin renewal gently, and provide skin protection. So you can feel of the clean, fresh, smooth and radiant skin for a long term. The foam is free from substances and additives so it's gentle for your youthful-looking skin.


  • Helps remove dirt and cosmetic residue on the face
  • Helps nourish facial skin to be radiant and smooth
  • Helps moisturize and softens skin immediately with no dryness
  • Balances out excess oil
  • Helps stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells gently
  • Free from coloring so it's gentle for skin
  • Promotes facial skin to be clean and fresh

Key Ingredients:

  • Jojoba Oil softens and moisturizes skin immediately.
  • Glycerin protects skin moisture.
  • Juniper Berry Essential Oil balances out excess oil and moisture for skin.
  • Witch Hazel Extract helps cleanse skin, provides antioxidant, and reduces irritation.
  • Neroli Oil (Orange Flower Extract) stimulates skin renewal gently and provides skin protection.


Apply the foam onto wet facial skin with a gentle massage, avoid contact with eyes, and wash off. Use regularly in the morning and evening.


If irritation occurs, stop using and seek for a doctor.

Content: 100 ml

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5934927

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