Valentine AHA Whitening Body Cream

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Details of Valentine AHA Whitening Body Cream

Product Features:

The concentrated body lotion for naturally radiant and moisturized skin


Valentine AHA Whitening Body Cream is the concentrated body lotion formulated with AHA and fruit extracts to help accelerate the exfoliation of old and degraded skin cells gently, revealing new radiant and bright skin. Combined the power of Natural AHA from various fruits and Vitamin B3, it keeps skin smooth and naturally youthful.  The product adds a gentle aroma to skin with Pineapple scent. It helps soften and moisturizes skin as well as prevents skin dullness from sunlight with Double UV Filter substance. The product promotes skin to be radiant naturally with 3 times more intensive natural extracts and is aromatic with fruit scent.


  • Nourishes skin to be ultimately radiant and smooth
  • Increases radiance power for 10 times more than normal skincare products
  • Promotes better delivery system of skin nourishing agents
  • Helps brighten skin and contains AHA
  • Helps treat dull skin from sunlight to be smooth and youthful

Key Ingredients:

AHA Extract, Vitamin B3, Fruit Extract

Directions: Apply to nourish skin every morning and evening.

Content: 300 g

FDA Registration Number: 13-1-6300029780

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