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Details of V2 Revolution Wonder Lip Balm

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The 2 formulas lipstick set for natural pink lips


V2 Revolution Wonder Lip Balm is the new lipstick product from the company to treat dull lips and promote pink lips looking. It keeps the lips soft and moisturizes lip skin at the cellular level. Any girls who have lip problems and lose confidence because of dull lips, and then they have to apply only the strong color lipstick to cover up their lips color or even go for permanent lips tattoo with pain! But these problems will be gone when using V2 Revolution Wonder Lip Balm.

V2 Revolution Wonder Lip Balm can help promote pink lips. The formula is invented from Australia's research lab. You do not have to hurt yourself to have pink lips by doing lips tattoo or apply strong color lipstick as the 2 lipstick formulas can help you.

  • Formula 1 Wonder Phyto Lip
  • Formula 2 Wonder Papaw Lip

V2 Revolution Wonder Lip Balm is the product to absolutely help treat the problem of dull lips by adjusting the color of the lips to return to a natural pink color. There are 2 formulas available and below are the details of each.

1.Wonder Phyto Lip Balm: 

This formula contains the extract from Apple Stem Cell with Phytocell Tec technology to nourish the lips deeply to the cells level. It helps stimulate skin cells renewal for a pinkish looking skin.

Content: 5 gram

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6010008959

2.Wonder Papaw Lip Balm:

This formula has the properties in accelerating the exfoliation of dull and dry skin to fade away naturally with natural extracts of the Papaya enzyme and Aloe Vera. Moreover, it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E that function as antioxidants and improve skin cells of the lips to be radiant and pinkish.

Content: 5 gram

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6010008953

How does it work?

V2 Revolution Wonder Lip Balm is formulated under the Phytocell Tec technology and various natural enzymes + Vitamin C and E to maintain antioxidant properties as well as exfoliate dull skin cells to fade away naturally. (It doesn't harm the lips or cause peeling, which means the use of chemical acids that have negative effects and cause cancer risk. But V2 Revolution Wonder LIP BALM promotes natural effect which is absolutely not harmful.)


For the best results, it's recommended to use both formulas together with directions as below.

  1. Formula 1 Wonder Phyto Lip Balm: Apply onto the lip liner during the day to stimulate skin cells renewal of the lips and moisturize them throughout the day.
  2. Formula 2 Wonder Papaw Lip Balm: Apply onto the lip liner regularly before bed to stimulate skin cells renewal of the lips to be pinkish looking faster.

Additional Tips: In addition to nourishing the lips, this lipstick can also be applied on the areas that need nourishment such as nipples, knee, and elbow.


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