Three brand 3 in 1 DETOXING POWDER

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Details of Three brand 3 in 1 DETOXING POWDER

Product Features:

The facial cleansing powder from Charcoal benefits for skin detox


Three brand 3 in 1 DETOXING POWDER is the facial deox product from Bamboozled Charcoal Extract which has the ability to “absorb toxins” from surface of facial skin. Did you ever notice why “acne forms at the same spot” repeatedly? That is because you have residues in that area. So you will need skin treatment. And it's much better because the detoxing powder can be used in the form of scrub and mask.

Three brand 3 in 1 DETOXING POWDER is the organic product that is safe and specially made for people with sensitive skin, with no SLS substance (bubble) to cause cancer! The product uses an ingredient from corn that is used to cleanse skin gently. Whether children, adults, pregnant women, teenagers, those with severe acne, water allergies, steroids allergies, hormonal acne, comedone, blackheads, inflamed acne or even dull facial skin can use the product.

Three brand 3 in 1 DETOXING POWDER provides 3 steps to take care of facial skin with acne, allergy, deteriorated skin, or steroid-addicted skin. Just scrub, mask and wash continually every morning and evening to detox skin for further nourishment. Basically skin accumulates many toxins so you won't see results of any cream application or still experience acne problems at the same spot. Try to change your behavior to detox facial skin. This is a great way to cleanse skin for the best nourishment afterwards.

Key Ingredients:

Bamboozled Charcoal Extract


Pour the powder on the palm with drops of water. Then rub to get foaming and gently massage thoroughly facial skin and wash off.

Content: 50 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5633685

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