The Book of Scents Natural Aromatic Diffuser

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Details of The Book of Scents Natural Aromatic Diffuser

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The sweet fragrances for good feeling


  1. Summer Paradise represents the brilliance of the summer with the delightful scent of familiar sweet fruit such as peach, melon, and green apples. Summer Paradise delivers brightness through high quality fruity fragrance, giving a light but distinctive fragrance. It changes every area to be refreshed immediately. Summer Paradise represents good times from the sea coming to touch skin, happy hours by the water's edge, or even a refreshing atmosphere on the mountain on vacation. Summer Paradise is like a miracle of nature that can be given to each other on every occasion.
  2. Tropical Island provides a fun vibe with a blend of four fruit scents – grape, pineapple, banana, and watermelon – reminiscent of a blissful paradise island. Tropical Island provides sweet scent of fruits desired by everyone and engraved in the memories of the land of happiness which is always Thailand. It awakens everyone to feel refreshed and in a good mood because the fruity scent of Tropical Island will instantly transform any space to be bright.
  3. Siam Bliss is the scent pleasing the heart that makes the image of “Siam” evident with a unique Thai scent like Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang blended with scents loved by people around the world like Sandalwood and Vanilla, which are the smell of high-priced and valuable plants. It is the memory to Thai beauty, and is distinctive when Siam Bliss is placed in your personal space.
  4. Up In The Air is the clean scent reflecting the wide lavender field and a unique fragrance that floats in the atmosphere of summer in the French countryside with a subtle scent of Cedar Wood, which has antiseptic properties, and the fresh fruity scent of orange and passion fruit that makes you relax and sleep well. Up in The Air is blended with premium Lavender Oil, Cedarwood, Orange, and Passion Fruit together uniquely. The end result is a therapeutic aroma that gives a feeling of freedom of the vast sky every time you touch.


  1. Open the aluminum cab. Then pull out the rubber stopper.
  2. Take the stick from the box and put it into the bottle. During use, switch on the shaft side to help spread the aroma better.
  3. It can be used for 3-4 weeks depending on room temperature and size.

Content: 50 ml.

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