SWP Collagen Milk Premium Soap

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Details of SWP Collagen Milk Premium Soap

Product Features:

The milk soap for flawless and perfect skin


SWP Collagen Milk Premium Soap is the best milk soap for skin care. The soap contains natural extracts to restore moisture to skin, suitable for all skin types. SWP Collagen Milk Premium Soap is a glycerin soap beneficial to skin because it has the same properties as moisturizer helping to soften skin. It helps remove dirt, maintains moisture to skin, is gentle to skin without clogging pores, and is safe for facial skin, which is different from other ordinary soaps that are just Soap Noodle or Soap Chip, serving only to cleanse skin not to nourish skin. So after bathing with this type of soap, users will feel of dry skin and always need to use nourishing cream.

Apart from increasing moisture to facial skin, SWP Collagen Milk Premium Soap contains Drone X50 Pure White Extract to fade away melasmas and freckles noticeably. With these beneficial extracts, don't wait to try.


  • Adds moisture to the face
  • Reduces melasmas and freckles
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces oiliness on the face
  • Brightens skin naturally
  • Provides soft and gentle whipped cream with effective results and 100% safety

Key Ingredients:

  • Drone X50 Pure White – the conductor for better penetration of extracts into skin
  • Grycerine
  • Vitamin B3 – skin brightening effect
  • Milk'n Lift – pure milk
  • Glycolic Acid – fruit extract

Directions: Use for cleansing facial skin regularly in the morning and evening.

(The results vary in individual.)

Content: 45 g

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6100065367

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