Sure Vitamin Serum by Real Cream

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Details of Sure Vitamin Serum by Real Cream

Product Features:

The serum for flawless and glowing facial skin


Sure Vitamin Serum by Real Cream is the serum effective in repairing skin quickly, promoting clear skin, and reducing melasmas and dark spots gently with no irritation, burning or flaky skin. It excellently promotes skin to be flawless, tightens skin pores and reveals firming and glowing skin.


– Allantoin is the plant extract that can adjust skin to treat melasmas and freckles. It accelerates natural skin repairing process by increasing skin elasticity. The skin will become strong, moisturized, smooth and youthful. It also excellently helps reduce scars, acne, and dark spots.

– Alpha Bisabolol (German Chamomile Extract, Matricaria Recutita Extract) is the synthesis agent extracted out from German Chamomile. It can support the delivery of Active Ingredients in the product to penetrate to skin (Transdermal). It's also effective in relieving irritation, inflammation, allergy, and promotes anti-bacterial properties.


Apply 3-5 drops of the serum onto facial skin every morning and evening before applying other nourishing products.

Content: 10 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 20-1-5900251

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