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Details of  SOL FACEWITE

Product Features:

The nourishing cream for radiant and hydrated facial skin


Have you ever got up with bright skin in the morning but experiencing dull skin during the day? With the innovation of Nano White in SOL Facewite Deep Cell Whitening nourishing cream, it can help fight against free radicals in fats and restrain the change of skin tone due to the reaction of an enzyme and oxygen within skin layer. Embosomed with Arbutin, it can support skin treatment by eliminating the cause of skin dullness and dark spots. It also helps increase skin hydration and firmness with benefits of Opuntia Streptacantha that is extracted from Mexican cactus enriched with beneficial fiber, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, Aqua Cacteen contained within can excellently hydrate skin due to the high composition and long term restoration of water for skin firmness. It also helps soothe and soften skin with no irritation even when stimulated by nerve stress.


  • Promotes radiant, hydrated and soft skin from natural values
  • Restores skin hydration for dehydrated skin
  • Reduces skin dullness and dark spots
  • Firms up and smoothens skin

Key Ingredients:

  1. Arbutin: fights against free radicals and prevents the formation of dark Melanin to eliminate the cause of skin dullness and dark spots.
  2. Opuntia Streptacantha: it's extracted from Mexican cactus that contains high fiber, vitamins and minerals to increase skin hydration.
  3. Aqua Cacteen: increases skin hydration for firming and smooth skin.


Apply regularly onto skin every morning and before bed.

Content: 30 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5431985

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