SISS Cleansing Water Goat Milk Mountain Extract

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Details of SIS'S Cleansing Water Goat Milk Mountain Extract

Product Features:

The cleansing water for clean and healthy facial skin


SIS'S Cleansing Water Goat Milk Mountain Extract is the facial cleansing that cleanses makeup thoroughly and nourishes skin right after using. With the ingredient from pure milk that has been carefully selected from the best source from Korea, it makes the product “the best” at this time. After wiping, it will promote skin to be bouncy, reduce acne problems, add moisture to skin, promote healthy facial skin, maintain skin balance, reduce oiliness on facial skin, and cleanse skin deeply. It is free from paraben, alcohol, petroleum oil, fragrance, color, and silicone. It can be used in girls with sensitive skin because it is specially formulated for sensitive skin.


  • Cleans facial skin thoroughly
  • Clears makeup thoroughly and nourishes skin right after using
  • Reduces the problem of acne formation
  • Reduces oiliness on facial skin
  • Adds moisture to skin without dryness
  • Maintains skin balance and promotes healthy facial skin

Key Ingredients:

  • Daymoist CLR is the natural extract with an outstanding property of promoting immediate moisture after just one time use without peeling off skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid functions in producing a film coating on skin to prevent water loss from skin. It promotes skin to be moisturized, smooth, and soft, and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Micella helps absorb dirt and pollution that harm skin and residual oil on facial skin.
  • Selastin contains 4 types of Algae from Jeju Island that is rich in Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Iron, and Iodine. It helps stimulate skin to build collagen excellently, helps skin to look firm and moisturized clearly, and reduces skin flaking.
  • Chamomile Floral Extract adds firmness, smoothness, softness, and moisture to skin cells, reduces inflammation of acne and skin, increases brightness, reduces blemishes, has a therapeutic effect, and treats inflammation effectively.

Directions: Drop the cleansing onto a cotton pad till soaked, wipe all over the face, then wash facial skin with soap or facial foam as usual.

Content: 200 ml

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6100011784

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