Sherisma Magic Two Way Powder

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Details of Sherisma Magic Two Way Powder

Product Features:

The powder foundation for excellent skin coverage from the morning to night


Sherisma Magic Two Way Powder is excellent for skin coverage. The powder with foundation is easy to apply but excellent for coverage so it does not leave heavy feeling on the face. The powder is water and sweat proof and leaves no stain. It has the property to control the oil and helps nourish facial skin with Shark Liver Oil Extract. SPF30 helps protect skin from UVA and UVB rays from the morning to night effectively with 100% natural Physical sunscreen. It also protects skin from the blue light which is the cause of wrinkles, revealing smooth, beautiful, and glowing skin naturally within one single cartridge to conceal all facial skin problems.


  • The powder color does not drop or change during the day.
  • The powder leaves no stain or causes lines during the day.
  • The powder texture is soft and not heavy.
  • It provides excellent coverage for all aging problems.
  • It causes no irritation or allergic reaction.
  • It contains concentrated nourishing vitamins to strengthen and firm up skin.
  • It protects skin from sunlight and blue light which are the causes of wrinkles and dull skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Titanium Dioxide helps prevent blue light which is the cause of premature aging and skin deterioration.
  • Diamond Powder Extract helps lift and tighten skin structure for elastic, strong, and firming skin.
  • Vitamin C, Chamomile Extract, and Zinc Oxide help moisturize skin with no irritation to skin, even exposed to sunlight.
  • Shark Liver Oil Extract increases skin moisture and fights against wrinkles.

Available in 3 shades:

  • No.01 For rosy white skin
  • No.02 For yellow white skin
  • No.03 For tan skin

Content: 12 g

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