Ruang Khao Sunscreen Spf40

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Details of Ruang Khao Sunscreen Spf40

Product Features:

The sunscreen product with foundation for skin protection and smooth skin


Ruang Khao Sunscreen Spf40 protects and nourishes skin with sunblock and foundation. With SPF40, it protects the face from both UVA and UVB all day long, does not cause melasmas and dullness, conceals skin, prevents skin from dryness, and increases skin softness. Moreover, it provides antioxidant effect, inhibits the enzyme in producing pigment, reduces premature wrinkles, and doesn't cause irritation even sensitive skin.


  • Helps reduce dark spots, melasmas, and freckles
  • Helps reduce the cause of dull skin
  • Helps absorb blue waves not to harm skin
  • Helps reduce acne marks and tightens skin pores
  • Protects the face from both UVA and UVB with SPF40
  • Helps nourish the face and prevents skin from dryness
  • Provides lightweight cream that is easy to apply and can be used as foundation for skin comfort and smooth coverage

Key Ingredients:

Oryza Sativa Extract, EPS White, Artemia Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Panasome Lutein Extract, Glycine Soja Seed Extract, Rose Extract

Directions: Apply onto facial skin for at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Content: 15 g

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6100043454

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