Revive Thickening Hair Serum

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  • Revive Thickening Hair Serum
  • Revive Thickening Hair Serum
  • Revive Thickening Hair Serum
  • Revive Thickening Hair Serum
  • HAIR SERUM, Revive, Revive Serum, Revive Thickening Hair Serum, Thickening Hair Serum
  • HAIR SERUM, Revive, Revive Serum, Revive Thickening Hair Serum, Thickening Hair Serum
  • HAIR SERUM, Revive, Revive Serum, Revive Thickening Hair Serum, Thickening Hair Serum
  • HAIR SERUM, Revive, Revive Serum, Revive Thickening Hair Serum, Thickening Hair Serum


Details of Revive Thickening Hair Serum

Product Features:

The new innovative serum for thick and big hair


Revive Thickening Hair Serum is the new innovative serum for thick and big hair. With natural extracts, it helps thicken and strengthens the hair, resulting in thick, strong, and healthy hair with the strength of both the hair core and hair scales. It also helps detox the hair and scalp, protects the hair from damage of pollution, dust, smoke, and sunlight, and nourishes the hair to be naturally healthy.


  • Helps thicken and strengthens the hair
  • Helps soften and moisturizes the hair as well as darkens hair naturally
  • Helps detox the hair and scalp
  • Helps protect the hair from damage of pollution, dust, smoke, and sunlight

Key Ingredients:

  • Loquat Leaf Extract

It provides the substance called Corosolic Acid that helps nurture hair, treats hair loss and thin hair, and increases thickness of the hair. When dropping the substance onto the scalp, it will go straight into the hair roots to promote the hair growth. In addition, it helps inhibit gray hair and stops signs of aging hair. Because it's natural, it has no side effects.

  • Procapil

It is a substance that helps reduce hair loss. It contains Biotinyl GHK- Citrus and Olive Tree Leaves. The research of Sederma Company, France has revealed a medical experiment of Procapil™ in reducing hair loss problems. It was found that Procapil™ can help the hair to better hold the scalp, enhance the health of the hair roots, increase blood flow to the hair roots, and prevent hair deterioration caused by aging.

  • RootBioTec HW

It is the extract from tissue culture of the Basil root. It helps reduce hair loss by inhibiting enzyme 5α-reductase* and stimulating the division of the Dermal Papilla Cell. RootBioTec HW helps prevent hair loss, thickens hair, stimulates hair cells to work better, and restores the scalp. (* 5α-reductase is an enzyme that is the key to inhibit hair loss. This type of enzyme will change the testosterone hormone to be DHT. If inhibited, it will increase the number of cells that will develop into the hair follicle cells to divide and generate the hair later.)

  • Black Pearl Extract

The Black Pearl or Tahitian Pearl is the best South Sea Pearl. It is a relatively large size pearl found in the Polynesian island of the Pacific Ocean, France. It is rich in nutrients that are important to the body and skin. It contains 18 essential amino acids and various minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Strontium, Copper, Selenium, Silicon, and Titanium. The amino acid called Cystine found in black pearl can replace the Cystine found in the hair perfectly. It helps keep the hair strong, not easily fall off, healthy, bouncy, elastic, and weighty.

  • Black Caviar Extract

Caviar is an egg derived from Sturgeon Fish, which usually lives in the Caspian Sea. Caviar Extract contains Palmitic Acid, Oleic Acid (Omega9), Linoleic Acid (Omega6), and Arachidonic Acid, which help soften and moisturize the hair, promote hair to be healthy, soft and smooth, and reduce dryness and tangling. Vitamin A and D help strengthen hair, reduce hair loss, and restore vitality to the hair for beautiful, strong, and shiny hair.

  • Black Truffle Extract

Black Truffle is a type of mushroom with a high price. Currently it is being used in medicine as it contains high amount of nutrients that are highly beneficial to the body, contains sugar (polysaccharide, protein, and phenol), fat molecules (linoleic-palmitic-oleic acids) and Phytosterols such as Brassicasterol and Ergosterol that can be converted into Vitamin D when receiving ultraviolet light. It helps fight against free radicals, prevents pollution, and acts as a moisturizer and a cell booster, helping nourish skin and hair to be moisturized. It also promotes skin to be youthful and lively.

  • Inoveol ®EGCG

It is the substance for detox obtained from the enzyme process of Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG), which is the extract from Green Tea leaves with good properties. It is an anti-aging substance with high water component, stability, and purity. Green Tea has been popular in Asia for a long time due to the health miracle of the substance EGCG. It contains antioxidant molecules, provides anti-inflammatory effect, and inhibits collagen destruction effectively.

  • Dust Detoxifier

It is the development of Biotechnology by applying carbohydrate from corn starch to be fermented with specific species of microorganisms and sorting out BIOSACCHARIDE GUM-4 which is a natural substance that coats the hair as if it were the outer layer of the hair. It has the property as Pollustop-Anti dust that helps reduce dust and smoke from sticking to the hair and scalp.

  • UV Detoxifier

It is the new innovation of hair protection, especially from UV Filter for Hair, which can filter the energy from UVA and UVB rays that will harm the hair.

Directions: Rotate the bottle cap and the serum will come out automatically. Then drop the serum onto the desired area. The stem is specially designed to access the scalp. Then massage until the serum is well absorbed into the scalp. Use to nourish the hair daily before bedtime. To see faster results, it's recommended to use in the morning and before bedtime. For the best results, it should be used together with

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