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Details of Rapunzell Treatment Plus Keratin By Little Baby

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The intensive treatment for shiny and healthy hair


Rapunzell Treatment Plus Keratin by Little Baby is the intensive treatment for shiny and soft hair with Double Moisture benefit that keeps moisture for scalp by infiltrating into the hair as well as coating the hair from outside to help balance the moisture of the hair and scalp after shampooing. It promotes hair to be straight and weighty. Moreover, Silicone Oil helps cleanse hair, while Olive Oil moisturizes thoroughly hair. The treatment excellently promotes hair to be beautiful, free of excess oil, and easy to set the hairstyle that stays still throughout the day with soft and lively texture.

Rapunzell Treatment Plus Keratin by Little Baby is a cream for masking hair and accelerator for long hair. It provides hair nutrients, promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, provides hair detoxification, reduces damaged hair, and nourishes the scalp.

Rapunzell Treatment Plus Keratin by Little Baby provides small particles of the cream with Nano-vitamin that can accelerate hair length for 1-2 times greater within a week. One spoon of the intensive mask contains lots of ingredients and high protein. A regular application of the treatment thoroughly the hair can stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp, accelerate hair length, and promote healthy hair. It is suitable for people with hair loss and thin hair problems as well as those who want longer hair faster, prevention of hair loss, and new stronger hair.


  1. SESAME SEED OIL: a moisturizing agent for hair helps nourish hair not to be dry and prevents split ends.
  2. POLYQUATERNIUM-7: a conditioning agent promotes hair to be smooth, not tangled.
  3. BIS (C13-15 ALKOXY) PG-AMODIMETHICONE Silicone Oil: helps hair to be smooth and soft.
  4. GUAR GUM: a natural substance nourishes hair to be silky smooth.
  5. Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein Extract: a plant extract helps nourish hair, increases Vascular Density on the hair roots, allows the better absorption of minerals and oxygen, and increases hair growth.
  6. PANTHENOL: a nourishing agent helps produce new cells and restores hair softness.
  7. HYDROXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM HONEY: a substance containing natural honey helps retain moisture for hair for a long time.
  8. GLYCERIN: a substance helps keep moisture for soft and smooth hair.


Apply the treatment thoroughly wet hair and gently massage for the better nourishment and acceleration of hair length. Then leave for 5-10 minutes and wash off.

Content: 200 g

FDA Registration Number:10-1-6010018786

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