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Details of Queen Bee Drop by B'Secret

Product Features:

An extreme booster for brightening and youthful facial skin


Queen Bee is the extreme booster to restore skin cells and prepare skin for further nourishment for brighter skin up to 3 levels.

Queen Bee is the latest product from B'Secret with the well combination of supreme natural essence of wild honey and royal jelly extracts which were purely extracted to be the most intensive. When formulated under the Nano-nutrients Bio Treatment technology, it results in small particles to penetrate deeply into skin for the optimum brightening effect. Queen Bee is also effective in reducing acne inflammation and slowing down aging. It provides three times greater effect than the normal serum.


– Prepares skin for further nourishment

– Tightens skin pores and smoothens skin texture

– Restores skin cells

– Reduces skin dullness as well as brightens up skin

– Treats acne and inflammation

Key Ingredients:

– Royal Jelly Extract is rich in Vitamin B complex to fight against free radicals, promote new skin cells production, restore damaged skin cells, inhibit aging signs, and relieve skin inflammation.

– Honey Extract has properties in inhibiting bacteria, fungus, and skin inflammation as well as slowing down skin cells deterioration. It provides moisture lock to keep skin moisturized, smooth and elastic.  Skin is therefore firming, youthful and bright.

– Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) provides antioxidants to exfoliate skin cells for the new stronger skin cells. It helps restore deteriorated skin, brighten up skin and prevent premature aging signs.

– Vitamin C (Premium) functions in promoting the buildup of collagen to restore skin tissues. It also provides antioxidants to reduce premature wrinkles, and promote skin smoothness and brightness.


Apply 4-5 drops of the gel onto facial skin with gentle massage till the gel is well-absorbed before further nourishment.

Content: 30 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6010009783

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