Precious Skin Thailand Gold 24K Whitening Serum

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Details of Precious Skin Thailand Gold 24K Whitening Serum

Product Features:

The Gold 24K skin nourishing serum for moisturized and youthful skin


Precious Skin Thailand Gold 24K Whitening Serum is the skin nourishing serum enriched with 24K Pure Gold Extract. It helps reduce the appearance of premature wrinkles for skin to become moisturized, smooth, clear, and lively again naturally as well as restores youthfulness to skin.


  • Helps reduce premature wrinkles
  • Helps moisturize dry skin
  • Promotes dull skin to be clear and lively again
  • Improves skin condition to look youthful and firming

Key Ingredients:

Pure Gold Extract

Directions: After washing your face, take the product at an appropriate amount. Then apply all over the face, and pat gently for absorption. Use regularly in the morning and evening.

Content: 50 ml

FDA Registration Number: 12-1-6300054175

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