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Details of Pornnapa Sunscreen Cream

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The excellent sunscreen product for skin protection and skin nourishment


Pornnapa Sunscreen Cream contains Micronized Titanium Dioxide that is effective in preventing skin from UV and preventing skin dullness. The smooth texture is non-sticky, providing natural skin glowing. It's color and odor free so it's suitable for all skin types. The sunscreen can protect skin 60 times and improve skin tone to be brighter for 3 shades immediately. It causes no clogging, oiliness, over-whitening look, or change of skin texture during the day.

Pornnapa Sunscreen Cream can control oiliness all day with no irritation so it's suitable for any sexes or ages. The cream is easy-absorbed and can adjust to any skin tone. It's been the best-seller product for 6 years.

Pornnapa Sunscreen Cream with cream mousse leaves no stains with its delicate texture that is gentle and easy to apply. It can perfectly conceal wrinkles, acne scars, and dull skin. It can be applied as a skin nourishment for healthy-looking skin.


  • Promotes brightening skin with no need of powder application
  • Promotes smooth and bright skin since first time use
  • Gradually increases skin brightness with no need of foundation which is the cause of acne or skin clogging
  • Promotes clear facial skin
  • Oil Free formula helps control oiliness all day with no worry of comedone


Micronized Titanium Dioxide


Apply onto facial skin regularly for 15 minutes prior to sun exposure.

Content: 5 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5725301

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