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Details of Pico White Science

Product Features:

The ultimate cream for immediate skin radiance and youthfulness


Pico White Science contains specially selected ingredients that promote skin radiance. With the innovative technology (PICO INNOVATION) formulation, it can repair damaged skin and relieve the deteriorated skin. PICO WHITE SCIENCE helps brighten and rejuvenate skin as well as promotes skin to be healthy effectively.

Pico White Science is an amazing method to regenerate facial skin effectively and quickly to reduce skin problems, treat damaged skin, fight against pollution and free radicals, and provide anti-aging effect.


  • Provides effective facial skin nourishment

Pico White Science is the ultimate cream to nourish facial skin and promote skin to be more radiant. It also helps skin fight against pollution and free radicals. It is considered the best product for bright and baby face skin.

  • Prevents deterioration of skin cells

The skin gets deteriorated over time. Skin problems can occur if no enough nourishment. Whether it is acne or large pores, these problems can go away after application of Pico White Science which contributes to skin revitalization and prevention of premature skin cells deterioration.

  • Reduces dull skin effectively

Dull skin is the problem that is quite hard to solve. This is because for people with sensitive skin, they cannot use some creams to nourish skin. But this problem can be gone if they apply Pico White Science. They will find that even with sensitive skin, they can also reduce dullness and have radiant skin with more and more youthfulness.

  • Promotes youthful facial skin

Premature aging is something that many people do not prefer. But when it happens, it's important to take care of skin and eliminate those wrinkles. Application of Pico White Science is another way to relieve premature wrinkles and maintain skin youthfulness.

  • Promotes healthy skin

Pico White Science helps nourish facial skin and protects skin from pollution. The continual use of the product will promote healthier skin with benefits of combined ingredients. But it's important to additionally take 5 food groups and drink plenty of water.

Key Ingredients:

Glycerin, Arbutin, Algae Extract, Rice Bran Protein, Niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate


Apply the cream thoroughly facial skin and neck before bed for 2-3 times per week. For the best results, it's recommended to use continually.

Content: 15 g

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5830300

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