Picky Wink Candy Body Extra Cream

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Details of Picky Wink Candy Body Extra Cream

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The double concentrated cream for a flawless and bright skin within 1 week!


Picky Wink Candy Body Extra Cream is the double concentrated cream that helps smoothen and brighten body skin with valuable benefits of intensive Korean Ginseng Extract well combined with Tomato Extract, Glutathione, and other nourishing ingredients. It's the excellent product to treat dull skin to be flawlessly bright, revealing the beautiful and glowing skin within 1 week.

Picky Wink Candy Body Extra Cream with the pastel blue cream is 5 times more concentrated than other normal body cream. After application on the cleansed skin, you can feel of the tight and intensive texture that will gradually regenerate skin and promote a brighter skin. It also provides a sweet scent all night long.


Korean Ginseng Extract, Tomato Extract, Glutathione


Apply the cream thoroughly the body after a shower every morning and evening.

Content: 150 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5854766

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