PadasoPus Facial Suncare Break UV 02 SPF 50 PA+++

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Details of PadasoPus Facial Suncare Break UV 02 SPF 50 PA+++

Product Features:

The sunscreen product for skin protection and nourishment

5 Powerful Benefits in 1:

  1. Protects skin from UVA and UVB for 50 times
  2. Conceals wrinkles, mealsmas, freckles and dark spots effectively, while smoothening skin as a foundation
  3. Improves skin tone to be noticeably brighter
  4. Nourishes skin to be smooth and hydrated in long term
  5. Slows down aging signs


PadasoPus Facial Suncare Break UV 02 SPF 50 PA+++ is the sunscreen product with nourishing benefits from natural extract of GIGAWHITETM which is the plant extract complex for 7 species from the Alps and combined with Vitamin E to gently soothe skin and can be used even in sensitive skin. It leaves no chemicals accumulation on facial skin and approved safe with no irritation to skin. It's suitable for tan skin.

Gently nurtures skin with 7 species alpine plant extracts

GIGAWHITETM is the plant extract complex for 7 species from the Alps with key properties in inhibiting melanin production but improving skin to be brighter.

  • Yarrow soothes skin from sunlight and pollution exposure
  • Lady's Mantle helps firm up skin and balances out skin hydration
  • Mallow helps moisturize and increase elasticity to skin
  • SpeedWell helps heal skin, reduces irritation and reduces redness caused by sunlight exposure
  • Primula Veris helps reduce wrinkles and inflammation as well as prevents allergy
  • Peppermint is rich in minerals and nutrients beneficial to skin
  • Lemon balm helps restrain bacteria and reduce the formation of acne


Apply the cream onto facial skin for 15 minutes before sun exposure every morning and during the day. It can be used instead of foundation and nourishing cream.

Content: 15 g.

FDA Registration Number : 10-1-5938765

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