Oxe Cure Facial Liquid Cleanser

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Details of Oxe Cure Facial Liquid Cleanser

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The cleanser for acne-prone and sensitive skin


Oxe Cure Facial Liquid Cleanser is a clear gel cleanser for acne-prone, and sensitive skin. It contains Propolis Extract to help reduce the accumulation of bacteria that cause acne inflammation, prevents acne breakouts, comedone, and pimples, controls oiliness, reduces acne scars, helps reduce the occurrence of new acne effectively, cleanses skin deeply, reduces inflammation, diminishes acne and acne scars, and nourishes skin to be moisturized and not dry after washing. It is gentle on all skin types.


  • Cleanses facial skin thoroughly
  • Controls oiliness on facial skin
  • Reduces the occurrence of acne, comedone, and pimples
  • Reduces inflammation, itching, and irritation
  • Reduces the accumulation of bacteria, the cause of acne
  • Helps reduce dark spots from acne and effectively prevents the recurrence of acne
  • Moisturizes skin, not dry after washing
  • Suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin


  • Propolis Extract: reduces inflammation, itching, and irritation.
  • Sulfur: helps eliminate bacteria, the cause of acne.
  • Glycerin: increases and stores moisture in skin.

Directions: Apply to wet facial skin, gently massage, then rinse off with clean water. Use regularly 2-3 times a day.

Content: 100 ml

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