Oxe Cure Acne Defense Prebio Serum

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Details of Oxe Cure Acne Defense Prebio Serum

Product Features:

The concentrated serum for acne prevention and scars care


Oxe Cure Acne Defense Prebio Serum is concentrated with Dragon's Blood and Botanical Extract Complex B that help nourish skin in the area with acne scars and acne holes. Combined with the innovation of Encapsulated Prebiotic, it helps restore skin to function efficiently, promotes skin to be strong and healthy, protects skin from various conditions, and prevents the recurrence of acne. With more than 10 plant extracts, it helps reduce skin problems with inflamed acne, acne aestivalis, and comedone quickly. With extract from Anacardiaceae, it tightens pores noticeably and increases long-lasting moisture. In addition, it is free from irritation with Pentavitin, Aloe Vera Extract, and 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid.


  • Helps nourish skin in the area with acne scars and acne holes
  • Prevents the recurrence of acne
  • Helps tighten pores and reduces oiliness on the face
  • Moisturizes skin without causing irritation

Key Ingredients:

Encapsulated Prebiotic, Tea Tree Oil, Dragon's Blood

Directions: Squeeze the desired amount of serum onto your fingers, apply on the area concerned about acne scars, dark spots, and large pores, and use your fingers to gently press and let the serum penetrate into skin. It is recommended to use daily in the morning and at night.

Content: 20 ml

FDA Registration Number: 11-1-6300010054

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