Oradol G9 Essence Serum

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Details of Oradol G9 Essence Serum

Product Features:

The gold serum from passion fruit benefits for radiant and youthful facial skin


Oradol G9 Essence Serum is the gold serum imported from France which is unique only in Thailand. It's the number one serum that repairs and restores tired skin, dull skin, rough skin, wrinkly skin, and skin with dark spots to be strong, bright, and vibrant again with benefits of the Golden Passion Fruit. It's the first and only one in Thailand imported directly from France through research from the labs in France. It obtained the GOLD in-cosmetic Global, type Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2017. It's free from chemicals and safe with 100% natural extracts.

Suitable for all skin types: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin


Oradol G9 Essence Serum comes with 9 properties to treat all skin problems in the morning and before bed within a single bottle.

  1. Smoothens skin
  2. Reduces wrinkles on facial skin
  3. Promotes an aura bright skin
  4. Fills in skin hydration
  5. Reduces acne, melasmas, freckles, and dark spots
  6. Evens out skin tone
  7. Tightens skin pores
  8. Protects skin from the dust and pollution along the streets which are the causes of acne
  9. Promotes firming and youthful skin

Key Ingredients:

Premium Golden Passion Fruit Extract

Directions:  Apply the serum thoroughly facial skin in the morning and evening after daily cleansing.

Content: 30 ml

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6010056493

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