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The innovative cleansing soap for facial cleansing and makeup removal


NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap is the soap mixed with Collagen and Gold Peptide to deeply cleanse skin. It's applicable on all skin types with the best nourishment to retain skin moisture, promote skin to be firming, soft and smooth, even out skin tone, and reduce acne inflammation.  The soap perfectly provides valuable essence to skin.

NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap is made from natural extracts that provide a soft foam texture to refresh and soothe skin as well as rejuvenate rough skin to be smooth.

NOWSO Whitening Cleansing Soap is the new innovation of cleansing soap which can cleanse facial skin and remove makeup. It also improves skin to be brighter effectively. Say goodbye to dull skin but ultimately clean and nourished skin.


  • Cleanses skin deeply with ultimate nourishment
  • Firms up skin
  • Leaves skin smoothness, radiance, and even skin tone
  • Maintains skin moisture
  • Fights against free radicals and acne inflammation
  • 100% safe with no harmful substances as SLS, Paraben, Triclosan


  • Horse Oil Extract restores skin to be strong as well as increases skin moisture and smoothness
  • 24K Gold stimulates collagen, provides anti-inflammation, and provides UV protection
  • Mallow reduces skin inflammation and provides antioxidant properties
  • Lady's Mantle has antioxidants and helps brighten skin
  • Aloe Vera strengthens skin and reduces skin inflammation
  • Collagen restores elasticity, firmness, and moisture to skin
  • Vitamin E strengthens the cell wall, making skin cells stronger


Cleanse facial skin regularly in the morning and evening.

Content: 30 g.

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