Nongnaka Seaweed White Body Scrub

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Details of Nongnaka Seaweed White Body Scrub

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The body scrub from Algae benefits for healthy and glowing skin


Nongnaka Seaweed White Body Scrub contains Algae Extract which is the deep sea algae with benefits in retaining water for skin hydration. It excellently regenerates and nourishes skin to be elastic, smooth, lively and youthful with reduction of wrinkles. In addition, the scrub helps prevent uneven skin tone for a healthy and glowing skin texture.


Algae Extract


Apply the scrub onto the body and massage in a circular motion thoroughly the body to get rid of wastes and exfoliate dead skin cells for the better blood circulation and smoothly radiant skin.

Content: 200 ml

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5620323

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