NEO Hair Lotion

NEO Hair Lotion

Neo Hair Lotion is the best Hair Loss Treatment in the World

Neo Hair Lotion 120ml Hair Treatment Hair Root Nutrients by Green Wealth Company is the best hair growth oil in the World today!

Neo Hair Lotion is the Best Hair Loss Treatment in the World. Neo Hair Lotion is one of the best hair growth oil in the world which has no side effects and is a well-known product. We sell 100% original products from Green Wealth company which is located in Thailand. New Hair Lotion is one of the most popular hair treatments in the world. We offer wholesale prices to our customers all over the world. Herbal extract ingredients for all genders and ages. Ingredients FDA Thailand guarantees safety to use.

Neo Hair Lotion Features:

  • Extracts of herbs to touch the main ingredient. Cantaloupe, White Ginseng, Palm Leaves, Saw Blade.
  • Cantaloupe extract accelerates black hair germination in length and strength to prevent shedding, hair is soft and shiny.
  • Ginseng extract stimulates cell turnover in the scalp. Giving hair roots to obtain nutrients. The effect of the hair root is awake. Accelerates germination and nourishes hair roots. And reduce hair loss.
  • Sorrelmate natural palm kernel saw blade extracts in Europe. It reduces the production of the hormone in testosterone. Reduce and stop. Hair loss is also due to hereditary reasons.
  • Beeswax treatment from the forest and wild honey treatment for hair. Protects from sun damage and outdoor pollution. Helps maintain dry and split ends.


  • Suitable Hair Type: All Hair Types
  • Application Frequency: Day and night, two times a day
  • Treatment Time: 3 bottles minimum to get desire results
  • Ingredient Type: Ginseng, honey, coconut all are natural
  • Application Area: Scalp
  • Side effect: Not Found
  • Size: 120ml

There is no need to worry about your unsatisfactory traits like hair fall, thinning hair, oily hair or baldness whether it is caused by genetics or damage, as the various herbal extracts present in this lotion can effectively work on all your hair problems and make your hair more health, strong and more fuller and shiner .

Neo Hair Lotion is the best hair growth oil Natural Ingredients


Moisturizes the scalp, prevents dry skin and dandruff It also strengthens hair follicles and hair follicle beds, prevents hair loss, and slows down conditions such as male pattern baldness, and in India, it is called Bhringraj, and its extracts have been shown to be effective in promoting hair growth. In addition, this wonderful flower provides benefits that aid in liver health, prevent cancer, urinary tract infections, calm the stomach, aid in intestinal infections, respiratory infections, eye health, dental health, asthma, and diabetics, and is used to make skin smooth.




Activates blood circulation around the head, In order to transfer nutrients to the hair roots. Activates hair roots and accelerates hair growth. Nourishes hair and reduces hair loss.


Deeply enriched with Vitamin E and fatty acids Moisture feed. It stimulates hair growth and repairs damaged hair.




Prevents hair loss, accelerates hair growth, It strengthens hair, softens it, and makes it shiny.


Anti-inflammatory. It is traditionally used to treat wounds.



HONEY in Hair Loss Treatment

Honey is emollient, which means it shuts off Moisture in the hair. This reduces the breakage that occurs more often A reason for slow hair growth. It also strengthens hair follicles, Which reduces hair loss.

How to use Neo Hair Lotion?

1. After cleaning the hair and scalp, comb the hair or massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes to stimulate blood circulation.

2. Spray New Hair Lotion on the desired area. Try to spray as much as possible into the scalp (men are advised to spray about 5-6 times, and women are suggested to spray about 7-8 times, depending on hair and scalp condition)

3. Allow drying without rinsing

4. Use daily 2-3 times a day (morning, evening, and before bedtime).

5. It is recommended to use baby shampoo of any brand.

6. Avoid using styling and coloring products.

Neo Hair Lotion Ingredients

Neo Hair Lotion is made from 100 percent natural ingredients:

  • Cantaloupe can hasten the growth of hair, improve the hairs' strength, inhibit loss of hair, soften the hair, and make the hair shiny.
  • White ginseng can stimulate the blood circulation around the head in order to transfer nutrients to the hair roots, make the hair roots active, hasten the growth of the hair, nourish the hairs and reduce the loss of hair.
  • She Palmetto, a natural extract of saw palms that can reduce the effects of DHT, a derivative of testosterone that prevents the hair to take up nutrients from the blood.
  • Hair treatment wax from coconut and wild honey can repair and nourish the hair roots, protect the hair from sunlight and pollutants, and treat dried and damaged hair.
  • Cucumis melo Extract 1%
  • Saw Palmetto 2%
  • Ginseng Radix Alba 2%
  • Equisetum arvernse extract 3%
  • Ecipta Prostrate L. 3%
  • Propylene Glycol 10%
  • Purified Water qs

Condition: NEW

Size: 120ml

Origin: Thailand

Shipping: We are shipping worldwide specially Ethiopia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Somalia, Saudi Arabia is High Demands. We are doing great shipping with these countries. 

Neo Hair Lotion No Side Effect is the best hair growth oil

No side effects Standard new hair lotion. Neo Hair Lotion is properly registered as a hair treatment with FDA approval and has passed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards for Good Production Techniques. Registered number 73-1-5700066 can ensure the safety of herbal products and hair growers.

The Best Hair Growth Oil Neo Hair Lotion Reviews

This product WORKS! by NH (United States on March 21, 2020)

It was introduced to me by a Thai friend in Bangkok. He was bald before. Using it for only six months, his hair grew back. For me, after using this product patiently for five months in the USA. I see signs of hair regrowth again. It was thin but I hope you do magic like my boyfriend.

Update: During the COVID-19 period, I applied three times daily and started seeing hair ... just be patient with it.

2020-12-02: the bald spot on my head now is covered with hair that is 1/4 of an inch high.

Don't forget to use Johnson's baby shampoo. See attached picture. It took a while to get to the first image on the left. But then, it just got faster.


Excellent product no smell I feel the change on by bashir (United States on September 17, 2020)

Fast delivery and good quality I will buy more thanks

Just use a baby shampoo with it by mohammad alnasrallah (United States on October 14, 2020)

I recommend that it works and the hair is starting to grow.

Worth the money by Shueib hassan (United States on June 26, 2020)

I love these products. It is fast and efficient. This is the closest thing to perfection you'll see on the internet.

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