MissCher DD Cream Water Drop

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Details of MissCher DD Cream Water Drop

Product Features:

The innovative cream for body skin radiance


MissCher DD Cream Water Drop is the new innovation beyond BB and CC for skin radiance. Apply the cream onto the body skin, and then the cream will break into liquid. It nourishes skin to be bright and protects skin from the destruction of UV radiation all day long. It also conceals skin to be smooth naturally with premium grade ingredients.


  1. Lasts long all day
  2. Non sticky
  3. Provides sun protection with SPF 50 PA +++
  4. Absorbs quickly
  5. 100% waterproof
  6. Easy to spread
  7. Doesn't stick to hair
  8. Lightweight texture
  9. Leaves no stain
  10. Instantly improves skin tone (no over-whitening look)

Available in 2 Shades:

  1. Pink Style is suitable for white/ yellowish white skin for an aura bright skin.
  2. Natural Style is suitable for dark/ yellowish brown skin for natural skin radiance.

(They can be mixed together to adjust skin tone as needed.)


Apply onto the body skin after a daily nourishing product or when need of skin tone improvement. It is best to apply in the morning as it contains sunscreen. If used continuously, it will help brighten skin.

Content: 100 g.

FDA registration Number: 10-1-5607397

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