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Details of Miharu Kamino Tonic

Product Features:

The tonic for hair loss and thin hair treatment


Miharu Kamino Tonic is the treatment for hair loss and thin hair. Do not let this problem spread further. Miharu Kamino Tonic is a colorless and odorless product with a mixture of more than 7 special extracts to nourish the hair roots. With the content up to 50 ml, it can be used for months which is worth the value. It can be used with eyebrows.

What Miharu Kamino Tonic helps?

  1. Reduces hair loss
  2. Reduces itching scalp
  3. Reduces oiliness on the scalp and adjusts the moisture balance
  4. Reduces the inflammation of the scalp
  5. Revitalizes and strengthens the hair roots
  6. Prevents bacteria from the scalp
  7. Prevents dandruff
  8. Prevents atrophy of hair roots
  9. Stimulates new hair growth
  10. Stimulates the blood circulation for faster hair growth
  11. Strengthens the new hair
  12. Promotes thick, shiny, and healthy hair

Key Ingredients:

  • Redensyl: prevents atrophy of the hair roots and stimulates hair growth.
  • Ginseng: stimulates the blood circulation and nourishes the scalp.
  • Pueraria Mirifica: balances out hormones, promoting shiny and healthy hair.
  • Ginkgo: strengthens hair roots.
  • Clitoria Ternatea Flower: treats hair loss and stimulates the growth of hair roots.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5: reduces inflammation, allergic reactions, and itchiness of the scalp.
  • Sapindus Rarak: promotes shiny hair and prevents dandruff.

Directions: Spray tonic all over the scalp area and gently massage without rinsing. It can be used as often as needed. Whether use on dry or damp scalp, it should be used regularly.

Content: 50 ml

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5941992

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