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Details of Merci Skinny Body Cool Gel

The ultimate product for eliminating cellulite and perfect firming body curves within 1 bottle!


Merci Skinny Body Cool Gel, just apply and say goodbye to excessive fats and cellulite!

Merci Skinny Body Cool Gel is equipped to perfectly shape up your body curves with no worry of accumulated fats and cellulite any more. The gel works excellently in eliminating orange peel skin and stretch marks, revealing hydrated and smooth skin texture.

Merci Skinny Body Cool Gel is the first 3-in-one product with its property of hot gel (for cellulite elimination), cool gel (for skin firming) and nourishing gel. It's the superb product with 10 times more intensive extract from Firming Complex that can release skin tissues to quickly eliminate fats with no irritation. Merci Skinny Body Cool Gel is easy to apply for your perfect body curves within 1 bottle!


  • Promotes fat burning under skin layer
  • Firms up the body
  • Directly eliminates cellulite
  • Reduces orange peel skin
  • Diminishes stretch marks
  • Moisturizes skin

Suitable for:

  • Those with belly, leg, and arms fats
  • Those with accumulated fats and cellulite
  • Those with rough and orange peel skin with stretch marks
  • Those who prefer a slender body shape with no need of drug
  • Those who are not confident of wearing short and tight outfits
  • Those who don't have time for exercise
  • Those who do a regular workout but wish faster burning and firming effects
  • Those who simply take weight loss supplement and desire firming skin
  • Those who have dry skin

Key Ingredients:

Firming Complex Extracts


Apply the gel at the targeted areas every morning, daytime or before workout. It can be applied for nourishing skin and firming up skin with massage.

Content: 100 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 1015738873

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