Mask Junhom Herbal Avocado Lemon by Rada

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Details of Mask Junhom Herbal Avocado Lemon by Rada

Product Features:

The concentrated body mask for smooth and soft skin


Mask Junhom ​​Herbal Avocado Lemon by Rada is the most concentrated skin care treatment with extracts from Lemon and Avocado that are famous for promoting bright and soft skin like a baby. After applying, it immediately brightens skin for 1-2 levels. The intensive extracts do not burn or damage skin. The urgent brightening spa formula masks the body skin with soft texture and fragrance.  Whether with dull skin caused by the sun or heredity, just mask for 15 minutes skin will become bright. The product excellently treats rough knees and elbows, stretch marks, and dark spots to be smooth and soft.


  • Provides concentrated skin care treatment
  • Helps brighten skin
  • Helps reduce dark spots
  • Promotes skin to be smooth, soft, moisturized, and pleasant to the touch
  • Not burning and damaging skin

Key Ingredients:

Avocado Extract, Lemon Extract, Honey

Directions: Apply the mask onto the body skin, leave it for 5-15 minutes, and wash off. It can be used every day or 2-3 times a week as needed.


  • Do not mask onto the wounded area.
  • Be careful not to get into the eyes. If it gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with clean water.

Content: 250 g

FDA Registration Number: 13-1-6300035536

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