Marine Plankton Water Serum Concentrate by Sena

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Details of Marine Plankton Water Serum Concentrate by Sena

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The concentrated plankton serum for skin brightness and youthfulness


Marine Plankton Water Serum Concentrate is the water splash for smooth and firming facial skin.

Marine Plankton Water Serum Concentrate is the twin of Plankton Biotherm. The product originated from Korea is excellent in restoring skin cells for skin clearness and strength. It softens and moisturizes skin as well as tightens skin pores and promotes a younger looking skin. The intensive water serum helps build up collagen into skin quickly.

Marine Plankton Water Serum Concentrate is formulated with water from the Jeong Bang Waterfall, which flows into the sea on Jeju Island. The water is clearly pure originated from the mountain and flows into the ocean considered as only one in Asia. From the ancient myths, it is said that under the Jeong Bang Waterfall was residence of dragons. This is the belief of the Korean people that the water from this waterfall has miracle benefits.


  • Provides skin cells energy and increases immune system for skin quickly
  • Promotes brightening skin by reducing melasmas, freckles and skin dullness
  • Stimulates metabolism of skin cells for the better new skin cells
  • Protects skin cells from pollution, UVA and UVB from sunlight
  • Provides antioxidants to prevent skin cells deterioration and reduce melasmas and freckles
  • Increases strength and elasticity to skin cells for soft and tight skin
  • Promotes the buildup of Collagen on skin quickly
  • Protects and repairs DNA and HSP of skin cells to reduce wrinkles and maintain skin youthfulness


Marine Plankton Extract, Jeong Bang Waterfall Water


Drop Marine Plankton Water Serum Concentrate and gently slap onto facial skin every morning and evening after daily cleansing.

Content: 150 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 10-2-5830473

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