Marigold Acne Foam by Julas Herb

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Details of Marigold Acne Foam by Jula's Herb

Product Features:

The Marigold facial cleansing foam for flawless and radiant facial skin


Marigold Acne Foam is the facial cleansing foam that contains Marigold Extract which provides triterpene, flavonoids, and saponins with anti-inflammatory properties. It can resist the growth of bacteria, which is the cause of acne. It also contains AHA and BHA to exfoliate old skin cells, revealing new radiant skin effectively. Moreover, it helps control excess oil without causing skin dryness but keeping natural skin moisture.


  • Helps cleanse skin deeply
  • Causes no skin dryness
  • Helps reduce acne inflammation and prevents the formation of acne
  • Helps exfoliate old skin cells, revealing new radiant skin
  • Helps resist the growth of bacteria, which is the cause of acne
  • Helps control excess oil
  • Maintains natural moisture for facial skin

Active Ingredients:

  • Marigold Flower Extract is rich in triterpene, flavonoids, and saponins which have anti-inflammatory properties, resist the growth of bacteria that cause acne, and heal wounds excellently.
  • AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) from fruit acids helps exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulates new skin cells, reduces facial oil, and promotes skin to be radiant and smooth.
  • BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) helps expel out fats that clog skin pores and outer skin faster. It also helps soften skin and reduces wrinkles as well.
  • Vitamin C helps protect skin from sunlight and pollution, making skin smooth and clear without wrinkles. It also inhibits the melanin production process and restores skin radiance.


Rub the foam with water to get lather and gently massage over the face and rinse with clean water.

Content:  100 ml

FDA Registration Number:  10-1-5719452

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