Manami Moisturizing Cream Stretch Mark Protection

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Details of Manami Moisturizing Cream Stretch Mark Protection

Product Features:

The cream for treatment and preventionof stretch marks


Manami Moisturizing Cream Stretch Mark Protection is the cream to prevent and treat stretch marks. It is the product specially developed for pregnant women, including those with stretch marks from other causes to prevent and relieve stretch marks and reduce itching. It contains concentrated moisturizer to make skin soft and moisturized without dryness. Moreover, it provides skin elasticity, prevents skin itching from rapid skin expansion, prevents and reduces stretch marks, and brightens skin. The cream absorbs quickly without stickiness. It is free from paraben, fragrance, and safe for the unborn baby with rich 100% natural extracts.


  • Helps retain moisture to skin
  • Relieves allergic rashes, including redness
  • Increases elasticity and balances out the moisture of skin
  • Stimulates collagen in skin
  • Fades away stretch marks
  • Prevents the formation of stretch marks
  • Prevents skin itching from rapid skin expansion
  • Slims up the body shape and reduces cellulite
  • Promotes youthful skin and slows down the deterioration of skin cells
  • Safe for the unborn baby with rich 100% natural extracts

Key Ingredients:

  • Chamomile Extract: reduces irritation and inflammation and increases smoothness to skin.
  • Lady Mantle Extract: increases skin elasticity and balances out skin moisture.
  • Ginkgo Extract: helps stimulate blood circulation, provides anti-aging effect, and slows down aging.
  • Red Algae Extract: helps stimulate collagen in skin, slims up the body, and reduces cellulite.
  • Evening Primrose Oil: helps retain moisture in skin, relieves allergic rashes, and reduces redness.
  • Shea Butter Extract: protects damaged skin cells, dry and cracked skin, and reduces wrinkles.

Directions: Apply after shower in the morning and evening, twice a day. Apply continuously to see clear results.

** It is recommended to use since getting pregnant.

(The results vary in individual.)

Content: 150 ml

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6010043849

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