Malissa Kiss Perfume Reed Diffuser Wind Breeze

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Details of Malissa Kiss Perfume Reed Diffuser Wind Breeze

Product Features:

The fiber reed stick diffuser with Wind Breeze scent for nature-touching feeling


Malissa Kiss Perfume Reed Diffuser Wind Breeze is the fiber reed stick diffuser with Wind Breeze scent, reminding of a slow-life nature trip. Wind Breeze conveys the beauty of the fragrance, reminiscent of the natural scenery in the morning. It creates a fragrance with Hyacinth which is the blue princess of flowers, combining the unique fragrance of Peach and Clove, finishing with the warm base notes from Vanilla and Musk. It is like a journey of time and memories from a nature trip that are always impressive.

With the quality of the premium perfume and the high-quality fiber reed sticks, it can diffuse the perfume to the air in the house to make it smell good, reminding of happy memories until you can indulge in a special atmosphere every time. It can also be used to decorate the house to fit in various corners beautifully.

Key Ingredients:

Hyacinth, Peach, Clove, Vanilla, Musk

The set includes:

  • Premium glass perfume bottle
  • Fiber reed sticks

Recommendations for use:

  • Open the aluminum cap.
  • Pull out the rubber stopper.
  • Place the fiber reed sticks into the bottle.
  • You will be impressed with the perfume lasting for more than 1-2 months.


  • It is recommended to store in a dry area, not exposed to the sunlight.
  • It is recommended to store at a temperature of about 25-28 degrees Celsius.

Content: 100 ml

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