Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men Permanent Painless Hair Remover Device

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Hot Selling Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men Permanent Painless Hair Remover Device (Wholesale Price Available)

Laser Hair Removal is the best quality with 999999 flashes and made with high-quality quartz lamp tube

- Permanent Hair Removal System

Upgrade Hair Removal uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, which is designed to help break the hair growth cycle by targeting the hair root or follicle to help you achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin.

Due to the same way IPL works, please note that it cannot be used on white, gray, blond, or red hair and is not suitable for dark brown and darker skin tones.

- 5 Intense Light Settings and 2 Flash Modes

This IPL hair removal has 5 adjustable energy levels and 2 modes to accommodate different skin sensitivities and treatment areas. The automatic mode is adjustable for large treatment areas, such as leg, back, and arm;

Manual mode for sensitive or smaller areas, such as bikini lines, upper lip, and underarms, uses a two-button design, easy to use and adjust energy levels and patterns. And the large LCD screen, you can clear the status control when operating.

- Laser Hair Removal has been Updated 999999 flashes, safe and economical

This IPL hair removal device comes with 999999 flashes, which is enough for a use of 10-20 years. Longer usage of 300,000 flash devices on the market. You can share it with all your family and friends.

Clinically proven IPL hair removal device is 100% safe for home use for women and men. You can get salon-level hair removal effect at home, and spend less money.

- Painless, faster and effective treatments using Laser Hair Removal

In a large number of clinical operations conducted, the IPL device can be used on both the face and the whole body, a single treatment takes about 30 minutes, and when the energy is set to the maximum level of comfort, there is no woman who rated the experience on It is painful. After 8-12 weeks, more than 90% of hair grows slowly and is generally reduced.

* Note: The hair removal effect varies with hair color and skin tone. (Please be patient.)

- No additional costs This hair removal device comes with razors and goggles, no additional purchase. Note: Please make sure to wear safety glasses when using)

Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Right For You?

  • Applicable skin color: white, ivory, beige, light brown.
  • Applicable hair color: black, dark brown, brown, light brown.
  • Do not apply skin color: dark brown, black.
  • Do not apply hair color: white, gray, red, light blond.
  • Not for skin tattoos, skin tanning.

Why choose Canvor Laser Hair Removal for hair removal?

- Economical and durable : 1. With one machine in hand, you don't need to go to the salon anymore and you can start treatment in the comfort of your home. 2. Compared to the cost of salon hair removal methods, at home, you can get salon hair removal effects and spend less money.

- Clinically proven: Clinically tested: After 3-4 treatments, the visible effect of hair reduction and growth Slowly, most people reach 90% of permanent hair reduction after 8-12 weeks, and after 13 weeks, you will notice little or no hair growth. The more energy, the better the hair removal effect, but for safety reasons, please try from low to high.

- Painless and Effective : While other methods like beeswax, the blade only removes body hair temporarily and you can watch it grow again. The result of IPL device is permanent visible hair removal and permanently smooth skin

- Buy with confidence: If for any reason you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem until you are satisfied.

We used high-quality materials to produce Laser Hair Removal machine, Which is made up of quartz tube lamps and ABS, It will be a more stable and long life

* Product picture, we have black and white color, you can choose any color you want, accept OEM, package products by gift box, also with glasses and epilator.

* Refer package, we can make your own design color box, print your logo in our products, we also have design color box, gift box, white box, and the black box also, you have a different choice

Laser Hair Removal Box Include:

  • IPL Device x 1
  • Charger Head x 1
  • Sunglasses, Razor x 1
  • English User Guide x 1

We also Sell Derma Roller System You can check.

IF you need any help please contact us.

Full Specifications of Laser Hair Removal:

Tube material:

The high-quality quartz lamp tube


999999 flashes

Target area:

3 cm²


5 Adjustable energy levels,

automatic and manual dual mode adjustable,

single flash and double flash mode adjustable

Product size:


Color :

White / Black




N.W.: 219g, G.W.: 640g


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