Lalil Energizing Ginseng Shower Gel

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Details of Lalil Energizing Ginseng Shower Gel

Product Features:

The body cleansing shower gel for moisturized and glowing skin


Lalil Energizing Ginseng Shower Gel is the body cleansing shower gel rich in Ginseng, Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Seed Extract, and Orange Blossom Extract. It helps add moisture and more brightness to skin. With the scent of ginger and eucalyptus flowers, it gives a feeling of freshness and vitality.


  • Helps cleanse skin
  • Helps increase moisture and more skin brightness
  • Provides the scent of ginger and eucalyptus flowers, giving a feeling of freshness and vitality

Key Ingredients:

  • PANAX GINSENG EXTRACT: is an extract from ginseng that stimulates the blood circulation, effectively reduces clogging and accumulation of waste under skin, and helps restore and repairs damaged skin cells. It is the key to stimulate skin to be glowing, brings moisture to skin, and maintains skin balance.
  • ORGANIC COCONUT OIL: is oil extracted from coconut meat with COLD PRESSED PROCESS method. With no chemical process, the coconut oil is therefore pure. It retains the value of extract that is rich in natural fatty acids, providing deep nourishment, helping add moisture, and promoting skin to be smoother. It is also rich in Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps protect skin from pollution. It is ORGANIC CERTIFIED.
  • SWEET ALMOND SEED EXTRACT: is rich in protein. It helps tighten skin, increases the elasticity of skin, and promotes skin to be smooth and pleasant to the touch.
  • BITTER ORANGE FLOWER EXTRACT: is an extract derived from orange flowers. It contains VITAMIN C, CAROTENE, and FLAVONOIDS which have properties to help protect skin from microorganisms that cause inflammation and itchy skin. It also helps keep skin fresh.

Directions: Pour the cream onto the palm or sponge, apply to cleanse all over skin, then rinse with clean water. It is recommended to use in conjunction with Lalil Energizing Ginseng Body Lotion.

Content: 300 ml

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