Lalil Detoxifying Ginseng Body Scrub

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Details of Lalil Detoxifying Ginseng Body Scrub

Product Features:

The body scrub for naturally clean, radiant, and glowing skin


Lalil Detoxifying Ginseng Body Scrub is the skin detox formula. The intensive texture is loaded with skin-beneficial scrub beads like macadamia peels and natural luffa. It helps exfoliate dead skin cells, dull and rough skin to fall off, and removes clogged impurities that may cause acne on the back and chest perfectly, revealing bright, soft, and smooth-touching skin. At the same time, it helps detox skin. With key ingredients such as Black Diamond or Bamboo Charcoal from Japan, it acts to drive toxins and residues that accumulate under skin, which may be the cause of weakened, sensitive, and irritated skin. More special with a new formula of body scrub, it can be a body mask to restore the skin layer after the scrub process. From the valuable extract of Ginseng mixed in the texture of the scrub intensely, which is a very famous herb accepted in the medical community, it helps stimulate the blood circulation under skin to be better, restores skin layer to be strong, youthful, and as if recharging skin that looks tired to feel energized, brighter, and look healthier than ever.


  • Enriched with ingredients from Japanese Bamboo Charcoal and Ginseng Extract
  • Cleanses and absorbs dirt gently from skin
  • Promotes skin to be clean, radiant, and glowing naturally
  • Free from silicones, parabens, and SLS / SLES

Key Ingredients:

  • CHARCOAL POWDER or BLACK DIAMOND: is Japanese Bamboo Charcoal powder processed through the burning at temperatures above 800°C until it becomes BAMBOO ACTIVATED CARBON. It looks like a small powder which has properties to help absorb oil, impurities from pores, and toxins from various pollution. In addition, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and promotes skin to look bright and radiant naturally like doing DETOX.
  • PANAX GINSENG EXTRACT: is an extract from Ginseng that stimulates the blood circulation, effectively reduces clogging and accumulation of waste under skin, and brightens skin.

Directions: After a bath, use scrub to massage over skin. For more efficiency of skin care, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Content: 200 g

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