Julas Herb Original Perfect Skin (Day Cream)

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Details of Jula's Herb Original Perfect Skin (Day Cream)

Product Features:

The concentrated day cream for radiant and healthy-looking skin


Jula's Herb Original Perfect Skin (Day Cream) new formula combines the power of concentrated natural extracts from various plants. It helps brighten and smoothens skin naturally as well as tightens skin pores and reduces melasmas, freckles, dark spots, and dullness within 2 weeks. The cream has a neutral pH, so it does not damage skin cells. It's suitable for all skin types, even in sensitive skin.


  • Helps nourish skin to be brighter
  • Helps tighten skin pores and smoothens skin
  • Helps reduce melasmas, freckles, and dark spots
  • Helps slow down wrinkles
  • Helps reduce acne
  • Helps reduce inflammation and irritation of skin from acne and sun exposure


  • Turmeric Extract helps fight against bacteria so it can reduce acne inflammation, treat irritation and rashes, smoothen skin, reduce melasmas, freckles, and dark spots, and slow down the aging as well.
  • Zingiber Montanum Extract helps heal wounds and tightens skin pores without causing irritation to skin cells. It promotes skin to be smooth and radiant as well as restores moisture to skin, promoting a soft-touching and healthy skin.
  • Centella Asiatica Extract helps enhance collagen production for tight and elastic skin. It also helps heal wounds, prevents scars, and treats scars faster, revealing bright and soft-touching skin.
  • Vitamin A helps increase the body's immune system. It can reduce the cause of acne and slow down wrinkles as well as generate new skin cells. It also helps protect and maintains skin moisture for natural skin balance and youthful skin.
  • Vitamin C helps protect skin from free radicals due to the sunlight and pollution. It promotes skin to be radiant and smooth, while functioning in inhibiting the melanin production process which causes dull skin, melasmas, freckles, and dark spots, revealing bright and glowing skin.
  • Vitamin E promotes the better blood flow, nourishes damaged skin cells, and restores dry skin to be smooth, tight, moisturized, and glowing. It also helps heal open wounds faster as well as slows down the wrinkles and restores youthfulness for healthy-looking skin.

Additional Powerful Ingredients:

  • Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin that has antioxidant activity. It acts to energize the body cells to function normally as well as helps the body to produce Elastin and Collagen. It helps fight against wrinkles, reduces the depth of wrinkles, slows down cell degeneration, and promotes skin to be glowing and smooth.
  • Kojic is a substance normally used in skin conditioning cream around the world. It helps inhibit the abnormal pigmentation process. It also inhibits the Tyrosinase enzyme which is the cause of melasmas, freckles, and dark spots with the ability to brighten skin.
  • Vitamin B3 is very important for skin health. It accelerates the energy production process within cells as well as repairs the deteriorated body parts. It stimulates the blood flow so the skin cells look lively. It also increases cell division, resulting in the quick recovery of wounds. Moreover, it enhances the growth and strength of skin cells for healthy-looking skin.
  • Licorice has been used in the cosmetics industry widely as it can help inhibit Tyrosinase enzyme, which is the cause of melanin production process. Moreover, it helps treat melasmas and freckles excellently. It also helps brighten facial skin as well as reduces inflammation and irritation of skin caused by UV light and heat.


After facial cleansing, apply onto skin for nourishment and improvement. It's recommended to use regularly in the morning.

Content: 18 g

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5317107

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