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Details of i nature Honey Body Scrub

Product Features:

The body scrub with honey benefit for smooth and soft-touching skin


i nature Honey Body Scrub helps eliminate dead skin cells to reveal smooth, radiant, and glowing skin. It helps nurture skin with benefits of honey that increases skin moisture for glowing skin. It also revitalizes dull and rough skin such as elbows and knees. Combining with the scrub from various flowers pollen, it can promote skin to be smooth and soft-touching with the long-lasting sweet and gentle scent.


  • Rich in honey and various flowers pollen
  • Helps eliminate dead skin cells
  • Revitalizes dull and rough skin for skin brightness and smoothness

Key Ingredients:

Honey, Flower Pollen


Apply the cream onto the desired areas, gently scrub for about 5 minutes, and wipe out with warm towel.

Content: 150 g

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5950586

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