Ho-yeon Majesty Blue Detox Soap

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Details of Ho-yeon Majesty Blue Detox Soap

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The detox soap for acne treatment and flawless facial skin


Ho-yeon Majesty Blue Detox Soap is the soap for clean skin and skin detoxification. It effectively helps smoothen and brighten skin, reduce inflamed acne, comedone, papule acne, and diminish the occurrence of melasmas and dark spots on facial skin.

Ho-yeon Majesty Blue Detox Soap contains Honey Extract that helps nourish skin naturally, reduce skin dullness to be brighter, and reduce the overproduction of melanin pigment. It also nurtures skin to be glowing and healthy, treats melasmas, freckles and dark spots, and smoothens skin and tightens skin pores. In addition, it helps hydrate skin and promotes wrinkle-free skin. It enhances skin smoothness and firming since first time use.


  • Promotes radiant, clear and firming facial skin
  • Reduces papule and inflamed acne
  • Diminishes dark spots, melasmas and freckles
  • Promotes tight skin pores and smoothens skin


Honey Extract


Use for facial skin cleaning every morning and evening.

Content: 70 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-15853973

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