Hira Blue Mousse

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Details of Hira Blue Mousse

Product Features:

The gentle mousse foam for makeup remover and skin radiance


Hira Blue Mousse is the gentle mousse foam that helps remove dirt and cosmetics deeply, reduces bacteria which is the cause of acne to be ready for nourishment in the next step, and reduces skin friction and irritation. It is gentle to skin, cleanses skin perfectly, removes all makeup, free from synthetic colors, alcohol, parabens, and SLS & SLES substances. It can be used on even sensitive skin without leaving residues. Only one step to cleanse skin easily. It promotes skin radiance and removes makeup.


  • Perfectly removes makeup
  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Reduces the formation of acne without clogging skin
  • Smoothens skin and tightens skin pores
  • Gentle for all skin types
  • Free from synthetic colors and does not leave residues

Key Ingredients:

MossCellTec, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine BlueVital C, Neurophroline

Directions: Use for cleansing facial skin regularly in the morning and evening.

Content: 40 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6100058022

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