Eves Biomild Soothing Moisturizer Cream

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Details of Eve's Biomild Soothing Moisturizer Cream

Product Features:

The cream for restoration of skin moisture


Eve's Biomild Soothing Moisturizer Cream is a superb pharmaceutical formula developed by the pharmacist. The ingredients contained within the cream are certified and researched in Thailand and overseas.

Eve's Biomild Soothing Moisturizer Cream provides concentrated STIMUTEX-AS which is a blend of extracts from Spent Barley Grain Wax, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, and Shea butter. It has properties in reducing allergy, fighting against histamine, as well as reducing inflammation, and irritation effectively. It also contains soothing ingredients to soothe the skin. The cream is gentle, even in sensitive skin. When combined with various natural extracts as moisturizers, the cream is therefore distinctively in maintaining a long-lasting moisture balance. Moreover, with anti-bacteria effect, it protects skin from environmental pollution effectively.

How it's good?

  1. Moisturizes and nourishes skin at the same time
  2. Reduces itchiness
  3. Safe with no side effects
  4. Reduces inflammation and redness
  5. Reduces irritation
  6. Contains no paraben preservatives
  7. Non sticky
  8. Provides fast absorption
  9. Provides natural extracts
  10. Steroid-free

Suitable for:

It's suitable for all skin types. The cream is non greasy but high in moisture. It's suitable for skin that needs nourishment, lacks of moisture, experiences itchiness, inflammation, and allergy, and relieves skin addicted to steroid excellently.


Apply onto facial skin or affected areas every morning and before bed.

Content: 20 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5750574

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