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The natural formula cream for acne treatment


EVE'S Anti Acne Cream is the natural formula acne treatment cream suitable for those who have problems of inflamed acne and comedone. It helps heal acne faster without causing redness or acne holes. The cream gently treats acne directly with natural extracts. It is suitable for sensitive skin, without irritating skin but effective results. Just apply the product onto the affected area and leave before going to bed. Then acne will be disappeared after wake up.


  • Tea Tree Oil: Helps reduce inflammation, fights against bacteria, and treats rashes and inflamed acne
  • Phya Yor Leaf Extract: Prevents inflammation from infection, reduces acne inflammation, and helps heal acne quickly
  • Asiatic Extract: Heals skin to be smooth, eliminates dark spots, prevents inflammation, and kills bacteria
  • Licorice Bark Extract: Helps brighten skin naturally
  • Tagetes Erecta Flower Extract: Reduces inflammation and redness, and heals and prevents inflamed acne

Directions: Squeeze the cream onto fingers and massage in the affected area. Use after applying the nourishing cream (can be used on acne spots as frequent as needed).

Content: 9 g

FDA Registration Number: 12-1-6200042142

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