Episode Secret Coconut Ginseng Plus Collagen Cream

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Details of Episode Secret Coconut Ginseng Plus Collagen Cream

Product Features:

The body care product for radiant, moisturized, and smooth skin


Episode Secret Coconut Ginseng Plus Collagen Cream is the body care product that helps brighten skin, instantly restores skin, reduces dark spots, scars, stretch marks, mosquito bites, uneven skin tone, helps gently exfoliate skin cells, and promotes skin to be soft, moisturized, and smooth. The soft and aromatic cream contains the main extracts from Coconut, Ginseng, and Collagen which help restore damaged skin cells, protect skin from sunlight, pollution, smoke, and dust, and stimulate skin to be glowing, moisturized, hydrated, bright and lively with aura, and pleasant to the touch.


  • Helps even out skin tone
  • Helps stimulate skin to be radiant
  • Helps brighten skin and quickly restores dull skin
  • Helps reduce dark spots, scars, mosquito bites, and stretch marks
  • Helps nourish skin to be soft, moisturized, and smooth

Key Ingredients:

Ginseng, Coconut, Collagen, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Mahad, Alpha Arbutin, Whitening, Vitamin B3, Kojic, Licorice, Tanaka

Directions: Apply to the body regularly in the morning and before bedtime.

Content: 500 g

FDA Registration Number: 13-1-6400037948

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