Cho-Ar Hair Removal White Mask

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Details of Cho-Ar Hair Removal White Mask

Product Features:

The mask for hair removal and skin radiance


Cho-Ar Hair Removal White Mask is a skin penetrating mask in the lotion form that penetrates deeply for skin radiance, clearness, and smoothness with reduction of dark spots and elimination of hair. With the innovation of hair removal by the special formula, the product with pure enzyme from pineapple juice and papaya can gently remove hair and reveal new skin with no blemishes. With the more concentrated enzymes of pineapple and papaya, the product will help decompose the hair to fall out gently with no irritation. It also helps exfoliate skin cells, revealing smooth and bright skin. The regular use will help reduce dark spots as well.

Cho-ar Hair Removal White Mask is the hair removal mask in the form of lotion that specially works in taking care of skin by the latest innovation specifically for Cho-Ar only. The new formula comes in a larger size which is more worth.

  • Helps remove all body hair
  • Helps remove hair gently
  • New formula in the lotion form penetrates deeper
  • Helps reveal new skin that is bright and free from dark spots
  • Promotes skin brightness and smoothness
  • Slows down new hair growth and promotes thinner hair after a continual use
  • Reduces ingrown hair and doesn't cause a stubble
  • Reduces chicken skin problem and dark armpits

Cho-Ar Hair Removal White Mask doesn't only get rid of hair but also helps nourish and brighten skin with the following important natural ingredients.

  • Pure enzymes from pineapple juice and papaya will open skin pores to soften the hair and drive them to fall out easily. It also helps exfoliate skin as well as nourishes skin to be bright with reduction of dark spots.
  • Korean Tangerine helps nourish and maintains skin radiance.
  • Mineral water from Jeju Island provides moisturizing to skin.
  • Olive Oil and Honey help restore skin to be healthy.
  • Witch Hazel Extract helps prevent skin irritation and causes no burning and itchiness during hair removal.

The Mechanism:  

Mechanism 1: It removes hair as well as cleanses skin deeply by the pure enzyme from pineapple juice and papaya, specially formulated to open the hair follicles to soften hair to fall out easily. It also stimulates the new hair to be small and thin after a continual use.

Mechanism 2: It exfoliates old skin, while nourishing skin to be radiant with reduction of dark spots by the benefits of pure enzyme from pineapple juice and papaya. It will help remove dead skin cells, reveal skin radiance, reduce dark spots, and promote skin smoothness distinctively.  The Korean Tangerine Extract also helps maintain skin radiance and nourishes skin to be bright naturally. Moreover, it contains mineral water from Jeju Island, Olive Oil, Honey, and Witch Hazel Extract that help regenerate and moisturize skin, while preventing irritation to skin during hair removal.


  1. Use on dry skin. Do not apply any cream or lotion before using the product. It's recommended to apply the cream in a long line.
  2. Use the scraper to spread the cream on skin so it can get through all hair.
  3. Leave for about 10-15 minutes (those with thick hair can leave as long as needed but should not exceed 30 minutes).
  4. Rinse with clean water and gently rub to remove hair.

* It can be used on the armpits, arms, legs, abdomen, back, and chest but avoid usage on facial skin and head **.

Content: 200 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 10-2-6010008899

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