CHER Whitening Solution Sleeping Mask

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Details of CHER Whitening Solution Sleeping Mask

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The sleeping mask for skin radiance


CHER Whitening Solution Sleeping Mask is the clear texture mask that can be left over night and used in combination with serum or cream. It can nourish other areas (apply around eyes, can be used every night).

CHER Whitening Solution Sleeping Mask is rich in Vitamin B3 that is highly pure beneficial to the skin. It inhibits Melanosome production, which accelerates darker skin. It also reduces inflammation, skin burning, wrinkles, redness and dark spots (hyperpigment). In addition, it increases hydration by stimulating skin to create collagen and ceramide for skin strength and better fighting with irritants. The mask can also reduce skin oiliness (sebum excretion).

CHER Whitening Solution Sleeping Mask is suitable for acne prone skin with its function in increasing the blood flow. It's proven by the research that it can help reduce clogged pores and acne after a continual use for 4 consecutive weeks.


Allantoin – it can occur naturally in the Comfrey tree, providing soothing and anti-irritating properties. It also helps regenerate the complete granulation tissue. It's safe, has no side effects and can be used even in baby products.

Glycerin – it retains moisture and absorbs moisture to the skin. It's suitable for all skin types, even delicate skin.

Oil free – it contains no color, perfume, oil, alcohol, silicone and causes no skin clogging.

Content: 50 g.

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